A Prayer for Those Fearing This School Year

During vacation, my husband and I managed to steal away a day alone at the beach, thanks to the grandparents.  It was the perfect time to relax and mostly reflect, as so often happens when all is silent around you except for the sounds of mostly waves.  It was a largely uneventful day, until the wind hadContinue reading “A Prayer for Those Fearing This School Year”

Shifting to My Inner Circle; Moving on From Social Media

Click: “Post”. Click: “Edit”. Click: “Share”. Delete. Delete. Delete. Social media was once my entertainment and outlet for boredom. At some blurred moment in history, it has shifted into my source of news, taking over my emotions and sometimes my common sense. Finally… it became the place where I lost myself. The pandemic has spiraledContinue reading “Shifting to My Inner Circle; Moving on From Social Media”

Even When It’s Not About You, Your Voice Matters

“My daughter, my daughter, I can’t find her.  I can’t find her, she was just here.” A small crowd started gathering around this distraught woman. We were at the Kite Festival in DC two years ago, and I was walking with my then 3 year old daughter.  I inched closer to the sounds of this woman. IContinue reading “Even When It’s Not About You, Your Voice Matters”

Happy Lovers of Others Day

I have deemed today “Happy Lovers of Others Day”… This goes out to all the friends, coworkers, partners, loved ones, and family members who have never shared a last name with a little person by birthing them or otherwise… but offer support that rivals the strongest mothers. We may set aside a day for mothersContinue reading “Happy Lovers of Others Day”

Holy Week at Home, as told by Mary and Martha

While the New Year may symbolize the renewal of a calendar year, for many Christians, Easter seems to symbolize the renewal of their Christian faith.  We maintain our love of God year-round of course, but there is an inexplicable energy and revival that comes with Holy Week, the Paschal praises, and the Feast of theContinue reading “Holy Week at Home, as told by Mary and Martha”

Make Quality Out of Quarantine

Things are different these days. We really didn’t need a blog post to bring that to our attention, huh? Well, don’t worry… This isn’t an “enjoy the blessings in this moment” post or a “suck it up and protect the people around you” post. This is a post for all those parents who are strugglingContinue reading “Make Quality Out of Quarantine”