Happy Lovers of Others Day

I have deemed today “Happy Lovers of Others Day”… This goes out to all the friends, coworkers, partners, loved ones, and family members who have never shared a last name with a little person by birthing them or otherwise… but offer support that rivals the strongest mothers.

We may set aside a day for mothers and fathers for the way they love their children (rightfully so), but this is to let you know that you too deserve a special day of recognition. Having never had a child does not make you void of the kind of love we celebrate on those days.

You are not forgotten and we love you. This is for you… Happy Lovers of Others Day!

For you, who would stand behind us to catch our falls, go before us to lead our way, and stand beside us locking arms to anchor us.

For you, who would willingly chase us through the mud, despite the debris being kicked up in your face from our careless steps, to keep us from making the worst mistakes of our lives.

For you, who would adorn our ears with highest praise, and acknowledgment, and honor, just so we would never forget our worth.

For you, who would kneel before God until your knees are sore and ashy and chafed, to intercede for us when we are troubled, or longing for something, or are thankful beyond words.

For you, who would touch the sky when leaping for joy, holding banners and posters, and deafening us with thunderous applause when we reach our goals.

For you, who wouldn’t mind tackling us to the ground, straddling us, prying our eyes open with your thumbs and forefingers, so we would see the chaos we have made of a situation we are being too stubborn or too blind to notice.

For you, who would weep bitterly with us in our losses, opening your arms far and wide, waiting to accept our very broken embrace as we crumble in yours.

For you, who would smile with your entire face when you catch a glimpse of our names popping up on your phones, or meet our gaze as we walk up the driveway to see you.

For you, who would know how to make our bellies ache and muscles we didn’t know we had intensely sore from laughter, because once again, you know us too well, or you brought up that inside joke, or you did or said that goofy thing we love.

For you, who would drop everything at a moment’s notice and show up at our front doorstep to provide us with nourishment; the kind that fills us physically with food, or spiritually with prayer, or emotionally with understanding.

For you, who would never stop teaching us, not only by what you say, but by the examples you set in how you treat us and conduct yourselves and your relationships with those around you.

For you, who would share all the practical and cool things we didn’t know like the cooking hacks, or the budget shopping trips, or the organizational tips, because you desire to make our lives easier if even for a moment.

For you, who would see inside of us, like TRULY see us… you know our darkest secrets, our deepest desires, our worst fears, our craziest dreams, our biggest regrets, our greatest insecurities… and you proudly declare as part of your heart anyway.

Thank you. THANK YOU… for making us the objects of your love. You have somehow unlocked the door to a really hard and pure love and you have kept it open for all of us to walk through. You deserve this day and more.

We love you, we appreciate you, and we see you.

Share this with someone in your life that should hear any or all of these words. Their recognition is important and this kind of love needs celebration, too.

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